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Distributing software applications can be tedious and interrupt productivity. We make sure deploying software applications and updates across any business or home network is easy, keeping you on track.


​When you can't afford to miss an email you need a solid model that will allow you to protect yourself and your contacts from spam and will provide redundant options. We support the most popular and robust email systems around, including Office 365, Exchange Servers, Websites and other 3rd party emails systems.

I.T. Representation

Data Recovery

Users demand a lot from their equipment and so they should. And if you want to keep the systems humming, you need to keep your systems running. Will ensure your systems are repaired as soon as possible. You will get it repaired next business day or a loaner will be provided when necessary to keep your business running.

Share Files

For one Fixed rate, we will remove the viruses from your computer remotely, using the most up to date virus, malware, spyware and randsomeware  removal technologies available. 

As a network security expert, We aim at delivering the latest and leading convergence security technologies for our customers. We provide full range of security products from access control system, data and hardware security for server room, desktops control systems , hardware and software firewall and VPN access.

HW Repairs

Work with different technologies on one single system, powerful solutions that will save you money and time, one server can provide multiple virtual computers for unlimited potential uses. Call us to talk what this can do for you. 

Onsite and remote support, whenever, wherever or however downtime threatens to disrupt your business, the professional network services team at Octotech is well positioned to get you back up and running swiftly.


Moving your I.T. equipment to another office, or building? We will coordinate a plan with you and all your other providers to ensure this is up and running when you need it too.  

​Don’t have time to wait 1/2 hour on the phone to get support for your special software or hardware and then troubleshoot for a few hours or days to get or not get a solution, we can do all this for you, we will work with your provider on your behalf and with our I.T. expertise will find the solution faster for you, most of the time we might have the solution all ready for you as we work close with the most common and specialized software and Hardware providers like Sage 50, QuickBooks, Caseware, Profile, Esi Law, PC LAW, Jenn App, Practice X, Autocad, Solidworks, Visio, Norton, McAfee, TrendMicro, ESET, MicroSoft and Google, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Ricoh, Cannon, Brother, Samsung and others.

Remote/Onsite Support


Office I.T. Relocations

Continuity Plans

We can help you completely manage all types of Servers, desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones on-site or remotely to keep your business  or home systems running smooth and proactively  detect failures before they become a downtime matter with 24/7/365 Monitoring tools. 

You have and I.T. problem or need?  We have a solution.

I.T. Management

Friendly, fast, and efficient answers for all your I.T. questions and problems. Talk to our professionals to get the right information and solutions your business needs adjusted to your specific requirements and budget. We can make a plan with you for your I.T. projections.

Poor or unsecured WIFI or network access? Let us help. A solution is ready for you. Proven technologies will provide stable, secured and fast connections. Stop interrupting your operations or losing files because of disconnections or poor networks setups.

Expect the best, be prepared for the worst. We can help you with your continuity plan to make sure your I.T. keeps running and recovers as fast as possible under the worst scenarios.

Share files easily and securely between co-workers, vendors, customers or family members. Save time and money and be more productive sharing resources inside or/and outside  your organization.

We have a resilient remote backup service so you can remove the fear of losing data and forget about the hassles. Our secure military grade encryption is one of the most secures on the market, ensuring your data is safe and available when you need it. As well as on site redundant reliable backup solutions.

Making I.T. Simple ...

Online Backup


We implement data recovery solutions that use a combination of leading-edge technologies to help retrieve your data securely from failing Hard drives or all types of media storage devices. If we can't recover your data, there is no cost and we can direct you to a specialized clean lab solution for the next level of recovery.