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Virus Removal

For one Fixed rate, we will remove the viruses from your computer remotely, using the most up to date virus, malware, spyware and randsomeware  removal technologies available. For server or network cleanups a previous assessment is required. 

Making I.T. Simple ...

Dealing with Virus always has the possibility of endangering your data or your systems. 

It is always a good idea to make sure you have a full functional proven backup of your important information before doing any important changes or any work on your computer or systems, its is your responsibility  to have this in place. If you don't have your data backed up, let us know before hand to come up with a plan that suits you. 

Millions of virus/malware/spyware/randsomeware are always on the internet looking for their next victim, every week new ones or new type of threats or vulnerabilities are exposed, it is impossible to have a perfect permanent antivirus or solution for everyone, but we try our best to get you as close as it gets, we will help you keep you clean and safe with the newest technologies and best practices.

General Tips:

1. As a general rule, Please backup, backup, backup and backup and don't forget to backup and after that backup again. 

2. The best defense is always to keep your antivirus and operating systems, Firewalls and firmware of all your devices up to date.

3 Create a good habit of changing your password for strong passwords every month or so. You don't have to remember hundreds of passwords,         use secure tools to manage your passwords.

4. Never share your passwords. 

5. Avoid using public networks without proper security installed or proper VPN tunnels and valid certificates.

6. Never open emails or attachments your don't recognize or are not expecting. Avoid websites that spam you and want to install things for you,         unless you actually want too. 

7. Get your systems checked by a professional if you suspect you might been compromised.

8. Run daily quick scans, weekly deep scans, every other week use a different proven secure online scanning tool.

9. If you get a phone call, email or popup you are not expecting telling you something like; you are in trouble and we can help, do not provide any       of your personal information. 

10. Reapply tip 1